Health Benefits from Alkaline Ionized Water Machines

Water is life. No human can survive for more than 6 days without water even under ideal conditions. And yet clean drinking water comes at a premium in most places, even in developed countries where it would be assumed that modern technology would provide people with potable tap water. In most cases, water that is safe to drink comes in plastic bottles.


Consequently, most people acquire some sort of filtration system to render the water coming from the tap drinkable. An interesting development in this area is alkaline ionized Velara Water Machine. Studies indicate that alkaline water as opposed to ordinary filtered water may have health benefits outside of mere hydration.


Alkaline water is produced from these machines through a process of electrolysis. While definitely more expensive than the ordinary carbon-based filters that most household filtration systems are made of, the potential to be more fit and energized may very well offset the difference in costs.


Electrolysis is the use of direct current to effect a chemical change. When applied to water, the electric current separates the carbonates from the hydrates, specifically calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, which are the main components of alkaline water. The carbonates are what make water acidic. When the machine gets to work on water, the end products are alkaline water and acidic water. We want the alkaline water.


The health benefits from Velaqua alkaline water are based on two actions: neutralization of acid in the body and improvement of absorption of water. The body is in a constant balancing act of acid and base, the so-called power of Hydrogen (pH) balance. When the body has too much acid in the blood, which is quite common because of the lifestyle of the average person, it eats away at the body's systems a little at a time. Alkaline water assists in creating a more neutral environment where excess acid is cancelled out.


The recombination of water with the alkaline minerals also sparks off a chemical reaction that releases negatively charged ions called hydroxyl ions which attach to free radicals, effectively making the water an antioxidant. It also makes water easier to absorb by the body, increasing the efficiency of the hydration process, and this gives the body a better chance to heal. View this document about the pros and cons of alkaline water at


These actions by alkaline water has the potential not only to slow down the aging process spurred on by free radicals and excess acid in the body; it also has the potential to prevent certain medical conditions from progressing or even developing. People who regularly imbibe water from alkaline water machines also report that it tastes better than regular drinking water and leaves them feeling more energetic.